The digital transformation of healthcare

In recent years, social networking services like Facebook and Twitter have affected many sectors of the global healthcare industry, from doctor-patient communication to medical research to hospital management. I have just registered for a webinar which will explore the implications of social networking technology for the future of medicine

Topics will include

  • How patients are using social networks to learn more about their conditions and seek treatment information
  • Crowdsourcing medical research: how social networks can facilitate data collection.
  • The networked care center: how social media is changing hospital management.
  • How healthcare professionals can manage social media risk.

You can register online for this webinar at HealthWorks Collective

Webinar on Health Technology

Interested in learning more about Health Technology and how advances in the tech world will influence your health?

There is still time to register for WEGO Health’s upcoming Health Technology webinar which will focus on the latest in health technology, from mobile apps to technology advances to the best tools to help you manage and track your condition.

WEGO Health will be bringing together a handful of health activists and industry experts to answer questions and share  important tips for using technology for health.  People who register for the webinar will also get access to an archived version after the live event.

Click here to register