Non-Profit Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2014

To better understand where social media is headed in 2014, Heidi Cohen has put together 67 social media forecasts for 2014 provided by 27 top social media experts. Although not specifically targeted at non-profits, the predictions are nevertheless equally relevant to non-profit marketing as they are to B2B and B2C markets.

At A Glance – Most Relevant Predictions For Non-Profit Social Media Marketing

  • Online and offline will become more collaborative
  • Social media will cease to be managed in a silo
  • Video will become more engaging and interactive
  • Instagram will double in size
  • Hashtag campaigns will increase
  • Social listening goes mainstream
  • Google+ will sprout wings
  • Marketers will need to continue their focus on mobile
  • Forget 10 million views, turn audience into advocates
  • Fragmentation will continue in 2014 and its pace will accelerate, with more and more consumers moving away from Facebook and participating in smaller, more niche social platforms.

Adjust 3rd Party App Settings In Facebook To Extend Your Personal Reach

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If you are like most experienced social media marketing aficionado’s, in addition to business pages, you are also using your personal Facebook profile to build business connections and foster relationships. Again, if you’re experienced in social media marketing, you’re probably using a social media dashboard tools and applications like Hootsuite and Instagram to post some of your updates to that personal Facebook profile.

Facebook Public PostBut did you know that many third part Facebook applications default your posts to friends only? It’s true…

So all that marketing, hashtagging and content posting using Hootsuite, Instagram, and other social media applications is not reaching outside of your designated friend list on Facebook.

I would liken this to the equivalence of having your Twitter account set to private, or at least never showing the bulk of your content to non-followers. This will not extend your reach, grow your connections or make your hashtags…

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